Real Estate is a property of land that consists of buildings, flats and houses along with trees, gardens, and plants: with immovable properties in the same manner. Also, it refers to properties that are invested in order to gain profit in the future. There is a variety of real estate buildings and areas that differ from each other in many ways. Some of them are stated as follows:-

Apartments: These are multi-storied buildings separated from each by walls and barriers. Each and every building consists of flats and houses in numerous numbers in which large number of families live together.

Multi-family buildings and apartments– In this each building is separated from each other, and a different floor or a building belongs to a family. A family resides in an entire floor, and the family owns each and every part of the floor.

Terraced Apartments– This refers to the houses attached to each other without an even spacing. Various single or multi-storied buildings connected to each other without any gap between them. Such homes are mostly present in slum areas.

Duplex apartments– Such houses have two different rooms with one shared wall. These types of houses are present in posh areas, and only rich people can afford such houses. Not more than a few people could afford such houses as tons of money is required to build such houses.

Mobile apartments- These are small full-time homes that are not movable and are used for temporary purposes only. These homes are utilized by the poor predominantly, as only they could afford such houses. Also, these types of houses are famous in hilly areas where people live in severe conditions.

Houseboat apartments– These houses refer to the floating houses. They are used mainly in the places that are nearby to the river. Not many could survive in such homes, but many people in the hilly areas have managed to live in such houses.

Being said that…apartments in Charlotte NC are the best rooms in the market today. The sizes of the roomsare measured in square- fees and are of different types in different places. In Charlotte, a house is referred to a locationthat has a terrace, a parking lot, and a non-living space. A place without such complete facilities can’tbe termed as a house in Charlotte. However, there are different meanings associated with houses in variousareas. In places like India, even a small one room set is called a house. Millions of people in India are living in such one room sets.

1) Chawls

2) Builder flats

3) Lanes houses

4) Havelis

5) Kothis

These are the types of houses which are famous in India and people tend to move into such houses. The rate of such Real estate properties has increased rapidly. Rates of the houses have been sky-rocketing due to many reasons. Builders are playing a significant role in increasing the rates of the real estate. Also, the government is responsible for the increasing rates of the Real Estate.


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